drawing dimensions (cm)

Coffee Shop 1         76X56

Coffee Shop 2        56X76

Coney Island 1        76X56

Coney Island 2        76X56

Coney Island 3        76X56

Figure in room        76X56

Forbidden City 1        120X80

Forbidden City 2        120X80

Forbidden City 3        120X80

Forbidden City with parasol        120X80

Interior with slippers        45X38

Jeanette 1        65X50

Jeanette 2        50X65

Jeanette 3        50X65

Jeanette 4        50X65

Jeanette 5        65X50

Jeanette reading        76X56

Kitchen still life        59X47

La Sagne-Eglise interior 1        31X36

La Sagne-Eglise interior 2        31X36

Little Sylvie drawing        66X51

Misty Point Drive        80X120

Misty Point Drive 2        80X120

Misty Point Drive 3        80X120

Nude        30X42

Nude 1        30X42

Nude eight        30X42

Nude five        30X42

Nude four        30X42

Nude nine        30X42

Nude seven        30X42

Nude six        30X42

Nude three        30X42

Nude two        30X42

Piano reflection        60X50

Pier and roses        76X56

Portrait of Eleanore        120X80

Portrait of Elly        56X76

Portrait of Elly 2        56X76

Portrait of Geneviéve Q.         32X36

Portrait of Sylvie H.        48X33

Portrait of the artist as a little girl        56X76

Reading        65X50

Self-portrait with piano        65X50

Shadows and Fog        56X76

The Political Critic 1          76X56

The Political Critic 2         76X56

The Political Critic 3         76X56

The Political Critic 4         76X56

Union Square        56X76

Union Street 1        56X76

Union Street 2        56X76

Union Street 3        56X76

Window        56X76